Anonymous Analytics hack Financial Reports

anonEs gibt anscheinend eine so mittelneue („founded in 2011“) Untergruppe des Anonymous Kollektivs, AnonAnalytics, die sich Daten von dubiosen Unternehmen beschaffen, eigene Geschäftsberichte leaken und damit den Börsenwert nach unten treiben. „Anonymous Analytics are the stock market's vigilantes“. (via /.)

[They] use their skills as market analysts and black hat hackers to scour the Internet for clues, sometimes with less-than-ethical techniques, and then compile financial reports on the companies they find cheating on the stock market. Until now, the group has published reports on eleven companies. The list includes mostly US and Chinese corporations, among which the most recognizable names are Qihoo 360 and Western Union.

Its most resounding success was the report on REXLot, a Chinese-based lottery machine service. Anonymous Analytics revealed that REXLot inflated its revenue and the amount of cash on its balance sheet, based on the amount of interest earned. The group published its findings on June 24, 2015, and REXLot stock price plummeted from 0.485 Hong Kong dollar per share to 0.12, before trading was suspended. REXLot rejoined the market on April 18, this year, but even after submitting a 53-page report, the company stock fell again by 50 percent.

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