200 Terabyte Math-Proof

Ich dachte, ich hätte hier mit meiner fast 1GB großen NC-Datenbank ein ziemlich stattliches Datenmonster angehäuft. Fuck that. Introducing: The Keyser Soze of Math Two-hundred-terabyte maths proof.

Three computer scientists have announced the largest-ever mathematics proof: a file that comes in at a whopping 200 terabytes, roughly equivalent to all the digitized text held by the US Library of Congress. […] Computer-assisted proofs too large to be directly verifiable by humans have become commonplace […] Still, “200 terabytes is unbelievable”, says Ronald Graham, a mathematician at the University of California, San Diego. The previous record-holder is thought to be a 13-gigabyte proof, published in 2014.