Gendered Hunting


pink2In den USA wollen sie jetzt Jagdkram in Pink zulassen, um mehr Frauen zum Tieretöten zu bewegen. This is dumb on so many levels, starting with killing animals for sports. Killing in Pink: Can going pink draw more female hunters? Mehr: What The Gun Industry Thinks Women Want. Sick.

In many states, it is required that big game hunters wear "blaze orange" garments - an eye-catching, fluorescent colour - to help them see one another in the field and prevent accidental shootings. Last spring, Wisconsin Representative Nick Milroy had the idea that "blaze pink" might also be an acceptable safety colour as well as a way to get some new blood into the sport. He even got a textile scientist at a local university to investigate whether there were any safety concerns.

"The fastest growing segment in new recruits into hunting are females, and that's one of the big reasons that companies have been marketing things like pink camouflage, pink guns, pink knives," he says.