Donald Trump still a Superprick

Wikipedia: „Heuchelei (Hypokrisie) bezeichnet ein moralisch bzw. ethisch negativ besetztes Verhalten, bei dem eine Person absichtlich nach außen hin ein Bild von sich vermittelt, das nicht ihrem realen Selbst entspricht.“

drumpfPolitico: Trump acknowledges climate change — at his golf course.

Donald Trump says he is 'not a big believer in global warming'. He has called it 'a total hoax', 'bullshit' and 'pseudoscience'. But he is also trying to build a sea wall designed to protect one of his golf courses from 'global warming and its effects'. […]

A permit application for the wall, filed by Trump International Golf Links Ireland and reviewed by POLITICO, explicitly cites global warming and its consequences — increased erosion due to rising sea levels and extreme weather this century — as a chief justification for building the structure.