Texts from Dealers


txt„This is a selection of messages from drug dealers in London. They have adopted some classic marketing and communication techniques.“ Die Messages stammen aus den Instagrams von Shotta Texts LDN und die sind natürlich drei Level witziger.

Hier 'ne Minidoku von Dazed über die DealerTXTs:

Now, people are buying their drugs on Instagram, Twitter and even Tinder, according to a recent report by the Guardian. It’s what’s essentially the biggest up shake for those selling and procuring drugs since Nokia’s inclusion of two SIM holders for all your trap phone needs. i_shotta is a film by Dan Emmerson that’s charting this modern phenomenon.

Making use of actual texts archived on the Instagram account @shotta_texts_ldn, Emmerson traces the evolution of our service culture, that’s allowing dealers to be “visible in a hidden space”. Dealers are now able to build an online brand to sell their goods and provide home deliveries, preferable to hanging outside the kebab shops on Kingsland Road in the early hours to pull new clients.