A Tour Of MAD Magazine With Their Idiot-In-Chief

21.05.2016 Misc #Comics #MAD

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Nach „Abhängen mit Al Jaffee“ der nächste Teil von Gothamists MAD-Videoreihe: Take A Tour Of MAD Magazine With Their Idiot-In-Chief.

Related, von Doug Gilfords legendärer MAD-Cover-Site, eine annotierte Version von Sergio Aragonés MAD-Office-Poster.


This Sergio Aragonés masterpiece is included as a fold-out poster within Inside Mad. His priceless gift to all Mad fans […] shows over six decades of Mad contributors and ephemera within a mish-mash of Mad office walls. The only thing missing in this beautiful mess is a key. With the help of Mad fans, Mad contributors, and Mad producers, I have attempted to label everything you see with brief (pop-up) descriptions and links to pertinent pages