Glitchy HipHop-Musicvids for A$AP Mob and Cadenza

glitchyGlitchy Hip-Hop-Musicvideos for Cadenza and A$AP Mob. Second one fuses Richard Mosses 2011 Infared-Warzone-Photography (1,2,3) with Bling-Datamoshing-Aesthetics, Cadenza distorts 3D-Scans in digital surroundings. All well explored visual styles, bordering on outdated if you ask me, but I take it anyways. (via Prosthetic Knowledge)

Cadenza – No Drama ft. Avelina, Assassin

„No Drama“-EP on Spotify, iTunes

A$AP Mob ft Juicy J - Yamborghini High

„Yamborgini High“ on Spotify, iTunes