Beamtenpaar schreibt in Hochzeitsnacht kommunistisches Programm ab


A night of hot steamy Patreiprogramm-Abschrift: „ Ein frisch getrautes Ehepaar hat in der Hochzeitsnacht das gesamte Programm der chinesischen KP abgeschrieben - und dann Bilder im Internet gepostet.“

comIn what may rank as one of the least romantic wedding nights in history, a Chinese couple reportedly spent their first night of marital bliss transcribing the Communist party’s 17,000-word constitution as part of a campaign designed to shore up support for President Xi Jinping’s administration.

Photographs posted on social media showed the newlyweds – both civil servants from the eastern province of Jiangxi – perching next to a balloon-covered double bed as they copied out parts of the 11-chapter text.

Ich gehe mal schwer davon aus, nach den 17k Worten gab's danach zu Belohnung ein bisschen gutes kommunistisches Boomshakalaka. Und wahrscheinlich handelt es sich hierbei ohnehin nur um einen Fake und Propaganda für die „Beijing-backed campaign called Copy the Chinese Communist party constitution for 100 days“, Snip von der NYTimes:

there have been doubts that the couple happened to find a photographer in their wedding chamber while they happened to be writing down the party charter. Amateur detectives have pointed out that the bridegroom was wearing an expensive-looking watch in some pictures, but not in another. The bride’s nail polish also seems to disappear in one shot. The Nanchang railway bureau insisted that the event truly happened and was the voluntary doing of the couple, said a report on Sohu, a Chinese news website.