The Warriors-Soundtrack on Vinyl


Seit letzter Woche bei den Soundtrack-Vinyl-Fuzzis von Waxworks: Der (wirklich tolle!) Soundtrack von Walter Hills Warriors restored auf Vinyl inklusive Patch für die Kutte, unveröffentlichten Behind-The-Scenes-Bilder und neuem Artwork von Dave Rapoza. Die Colored Vinyls in „Graffiti“ und „Oxblood Warriors Vest and Silver Subway Car Swirl“ sind leider bereits ausverkauft, dürften aber schon bald auf Ebay auftauchen und passend zum Vinyl haben sie auch ein paar Pins für alle Gangs aus dem Film am Start.


This deluxe double LP is three years in the making and features the re-mastered 1979 original soundtrack, in addition to, the vinyl debut of the complete film score by Barry DeVorzon. Directed by Walter Hill and based off of the 1965 novel by Sol Yurick of the same name, THE WARRIORS is the absolute definition of an influential cult-classic film. THE WARRIORS has permeated the landscape of pop culture, music, film, fashion, comics, and video games.

Waxwork tirelessly worked directly from the original master tapes of both the original 1979 soundtrack and film score to bring audiences a brand new transfer of every musical cue heard in the movie, for the very first time on vinyl. In keeping with Waxwork’s deluxe packaging theme, the label has gone to great lengths to ensure THE WARRIORS double LP release is the highest quality soundtrack release to date. New artwork by Marvel Comics artist Dave Rapoza graces the packaging. Three variants are available including 180 Gram “Graffiti” Vinyl, 180 Gram “Oxblood Warriors Vest and Silver Subway Car Swirl” Vinyl, and 180 Gram Classic Black Vinyl.