Sex Doll Cargo-Cult


Cargo Cult reloaded with a Sex-Doll: Indonesische Fischer haben eine Gummipuppe gefunden und für einen Engel gehalten, haben dem Ding hübsche Klamotten angezogen und als ein Zeichen Gottes angebetet. Religion, fucking up brains since forever.

_89547397_032748100-1Indonesian news portal Detik said photos of the doll dressed demurely and wearing a hijab spread on social media shortly after its discovery. Rumours then began to spread that it was a "bidadari" along with unverified stories about how it was found "stranded and crying", prompting the police investigation.

Many across Indonesia continue to hold strong beliefs in the supernatural, including the existence of "bidadari", which is a type of angel or spirit. Local police chief Heru Pramukarno told reporters that villagers had found the doll shortly after the rare March solar eclipse that swept across South East Asia. The timing of the discovery led some to believe the doll had a divine provenance.