Death Grips' Bottomless Pit is here


Die Death Grips haben ihr neues Album „Bottomless Pit“ online gestellt, hier auf Vinyl, da auf Spotify, dort als YT-Playlist, alle Lyrics auf ihrer Website. It kills and insanity doesn't even begin to describe it. If you're looking for truly new sounds and music that shatters boundaries: This is it.

I keep giving bad people good ideas those who can't adjust ten fold dismantled pus operandi minus modus my phlegm you to dust dragon chaser I'll quit later asteroid to midnight powder this like genocide just louder fuck who we going after fuck them I'm a have to fuck them over and the closer shows over bet bitch much you wanna bet bitch keep that o and x shit feed a narc my driveway don't trip 'cause I may I keep giving bad people good ideas I cough up locks catatonic jingle mausoleum treatment strands of chemo unwell out my slit gashes tempo I'm crawling with swarming crescendo execution my nerves I'm slurring you deserve this your worthless disturbs me I want you to next time it doesn't sound so bad when I say it in my mind mutter stagger I'm in you I got you covered scatter you're meant to pull a lick real quick made off I fling shallow plots for senile kings cruelty keeps me even I moan like flukes euphoria follows puke I won't pull my chute I keep giving bad people good ideas lead heavy lead us remedy us hem me I suffer to catch reflux I ingest reflux bile threshold cortex deluxe torture me lust holding horses with bacteria uhh I'm downing this vial of old Siberia overtoning mysteria

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