RGB-mutating Wall-Art

Schöne Spielerei von Jason Levesque und Grow, ein Mural mit Wärmesensoren und RGB-Leuchten, die das Motiv betrachterstandortsabhängig anstrahlen und die verschiedenen Artwork-Layer sichtbar machen. (via JWZ)

rgbIt was important to us that during the day the mural was interesting enough to enjoy, the colors are soft and the complexity meaningful. At night, though, the image looses its pastel daytime appearance and reveals 3 distinct crisp drawings. Heat sensing cameras mounted high above the artwork track viewers movement. The red, green and blue lights playfully follow viewers as the move.

Even up close, the color switching effect is pretty incredible to watch. Hundreds of test prints and prototypes were built and tested to find the precise color balance needed to pull of the effect.

Dasselbe Konzept gab's schonmal vor ein paar Jahren, damals vom Carnovsky Collective.