Radioheads first Bits

witchRadiohead sind wieder da und veröffentlichen Bits aus der kommenden ersten Single auf ihren Instagrams, offensichtlich der Song „Burn the Witch“, den sie vor fast genau 10 Jahren zum ersten mal anteaserten und damals abbrachen, da die Orchestrierung fehlte. Nun, die Orchestrierung hört man im ersten Clip ziemlich deutlich und ich mag Radiohead sehr, wenn sie mit Orchester arbeiten.

[update] Well played, Cnet:

Radiohead took a cue from one of their songs over the weekend and showed us how to disappear completely. But the band's Web presence was not in limbo for long.

Fans may have felt let down by the British band deleting every post from their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. But if you were climbing up the walls at this strange behaviour, you can stop whispering about it -- they haven't left you high and dry. I might be wrong, but it looks like we'll soon have everything in its right place once again, as a video creeps onto the band's briefly empty Instagram account.