Detroit Technos political Roots

4639Ich wurde ja schon ein paar mal ausgelacht, als ich meinte, Techno hätte politische Wurzeln (nicht hier, ihr seid ja alle supersmarte Spezialauskenner, eher so im echten Leben von angeblichen Punkrockern). Well, there you have it: Electronic Warfare: The Political Legacy of Detroit Techno.

Watching the bygone clip of [Robert Hood] with Jeff Mills and “Mad” Mike Banks (in a menacing black ski mask), Hood pinched the bridge of his nose, overcome with tears. “The struggle of black artists that came from nothing, had nothing—[I was] blessed to share this music,” he told the crowd. Hearing about techno as it was originally conceived—as a reaction to inner-city decay, as byproduct of African-American struggle, as a form of protest—served as a crucial reminder of the roots of this dance music, and that the name Underground Resistance was in no way a euphemism, but a reality.