Adblock goes Flattr

Interesting move: AdBlock Plus teams up with Flattr to help readers pay publishers and the model makes sense. [Insert snarky comment about AdblockPlus' lazy Freeriding-Strategy here.]

AdBlock Plus […] just announced that they’re working with startup Flattr on a new product that allows readers to pay the publishers who produce the content they read, listen to and watch. As a result of the partnership, AdBlock Plus said it has also made a small investment of undisclosed size in Flattr.

Together, the two companies have created a new product called Flattr Plus. Like Flattr itself, it allows users to allocate a monthly budget that they want to pay publishers. Unlike Flattr, users don’t have to click a button to “Flattr” a website — instead, it will automatically track their browsing activity and distribute the money based on their engagement.