Vintage-Style Mandelbrot-Map


Schönes Ding von Bill Tavis, die Mandelmap, eine Oldschool-Karte eines Apfelmännchens. Gibt's auf Kickstarter ab 20$ in zwei Größen (groß und arschgroß, 90x60cm und 130x90cm). (via @angealbertini)

mandel1The Mandelmap poster includes:
- Several familiar locations labeled with their colloquial names, together with accompanying illustrations. Find the Dragon Valley, and see why it's named that way.
- Hundreds of bulbs labeled according to period numbers. Count to infinity by even numbers, count to infinity by odd numbers, or even find the Fibonacci sequence! It's all there in the period numbering.
- Hundreds of external angles labeled according to how far around the set you are in a counter-clockwise direction. This maps the border of the Mandelbrot set to a circle.
- Equipotential lines that show how fast points outside the Mandelbrot set escape to infinity under iteration of the equation.
- Several high-quality zoomed-in renderings, with detailed information describing how to find similar locations.
- Julia Medallions, and where to find them. The medallions correspond to Julia sets, which are very closely related fractals that use the same equation but in a slightly different way.
- A clear and practical description for how to use the formula that defines the Mandelbrot set.
- ... and much, much more!