Green Room – Soundtrack, Interview, neue Poster


Mein Highlight der Fantasy Filmfest Nights läuft bei uns am 2. Juni an, in England und Amerika läuft er bereits und daher gibt es bereits jede Menge Interviews, einen Stream des hervorragenden Soundtracks sowie zwei neue kickass Punks-vs-Nazis-Poster, die nochmal 'ne Spur witziger sind, wenn man bedenkt, dass sie die Punkband Ain't Rights auf der rechten Seite und die Nazis links abbilden. Kontemporäre Polit-Konfusion auf den Punkt. (Danke Tino!)

Interview mit Coming Soon, in dem sehr schnell klar wird, warum „Green Room“ so authentisch wirkt: He's one of us.

CS: And you actually gigged in the Arlington/DC hardcore scene in the mid-’90s. What was the worst gig you ever played?

Saulnier: You know, the gigs I played were pretty fun. They were small scale. But the saddest was probably a Mexican restaurant, which is in the movie. That was sort of a back-up show and it was fun to put that in there, because it’s kind of pathetic, when you look at it outside, looking through the windows of the Mexican restaurant, this hardcore band playing to about five people. But it’s also kind of beautiful and yeah, and they’re still there playing and it’s not really for the accolades or anything.

CS: Giving it their all.

Saulnier: I just saw some bandmates two nights ago that were at a New York screening. And we were talking about our worst and best show was when we fell prey to the typical pay-to-play scam, where a concert venue owner, they basically give you tickets to sell to your own show. So you do all the leg work. You generate all the revenue and you give it to this guy and he lets you play. You know, you’re basically doing…