Ultrasonic Meat WiFi


An der Uni Illinois haben sie Daten per Ultraschall durch Fleisch gebeamt, schnell genug für Netflix. Saumagen-Übertragung! Hackbraten-Telco! Schnitzel-WiFi! (via Gizmodo, Image via Shutterstock)

meat2Researchers have fired a wireless signal through slabs of pork and beef at speeds fast enough to transmit high-definition video. The technique, which the team has nicknamed “meat-comms”, could help doctors interact better with medical devices implanted in our bodies. […]

The team tested two different types of tissue: a pork loin and beef liver. They suspended the pieces of meat in the water tank and found that the ultrasonic signal passed through both types of meat at speeds of up to 30 megabits a second. That is 1000 times faster than existing implants, which send radio signals through tissue at a maximum of 50 kilobits a second. “You could stream Netflix through the pork loin,” says Singer.