Poetic Router


Saurabh Datta hat einen Router gebaut, der Traffic abgreift, Algo-Poetry daraus bastelt und die über Text-2-Speech auf ’nem FM-Radio ausgibt. Toll! (via Creative Applications)

It connects to your home router and then creates an Access point for other devices to connect to it directly. Once connected, it now knows the ip address of the machines(computer) and can monitor the traffic going to them from servers. On click of a button it does that. Then it scrapes the data for finding the server links. Once it lists down the links , then with the help of a terminal based browser it pings each one of them and downloads the text on their html page. From the created corpus it generates the poem and runs it through a speech engine which then is passed through an USB audio channel to a FM transmitter. That’s when you hear the poet recite.