An Open Letter to the Person Who Wiped Boogers on My Library Book 👃☝️👆👉📖

14.04.2016 Misc #Books #Yuck

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Eine kurze Geschichte von Popeln und Büchern. (via MeFi)

What you did — in case you’ve somehow forgotten — was this: while reading this sad, lovely tale of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s final days, you picked your nose. […] And you didn’t stop there. […] The effect of your wipery — on myself and anyone else unlucky enough to have borrowed West of Sunset after you — was this:

She was just leaving the floor, sweeping gaily along the fringe of the parquet in an ash-gray evening dress with a red velvet sash that accentuated ** BOOGER! **
His money was gone and there was blood on his jacket, and when he called Sheilah, before he uttered a word, ** BOOGER! **
They nattered on, Zelda mimicking Sara’s sleepy lilt, drawing out her ** BOOGER! **

[…] How do you live your life, Booger-Wiper?