Japans Lazy Egg Mascot


Japan hat Maskottchen für alles, sogar für faule Eier: Introducing “gudetama,” a New-Generation Character from the Makers of Hello Kitty – No ambition but world-famous anyway. Erinnert mich ehrlich gesagt ziemlich an mich selbst, in meinem Grundschulzeugnis stand damals bereits sinngemäß: „René ist der faulste Sack der Welt und das wird sich niemalsnicht ändern“.

From Hello Kitty to other popular creations like Little Twin Stars and My Melody, Japan’s Sanrio Corporation has spent decades designing popular characters. In 2013, the company debuted gudetama, a “lazy egg” character whose fame has been rising steadily – despite its runny yolk and blatant lack of ambition – from the moment it appeared on the scene.Today, gudetama’s Twitter feed (@gudetama_sanrio) has more than 600,000 followers, by far the most of any Sanrio character.

As you can probably tell from the pictures, gudetama doesn’t like doing things on its own initiative, and its favorite activities include resting on its yolk futon and shutting itself inside its shell. Even its transformation – it can turn into eggs benedict, a hard-boiled egg, or even pancakes – are really just the result of “cooking” done by somebody else.