Burger King staff tricked into smashing windows 'to release pressure'

Mean spirited prank is mean. But I just can't get that „Har Har“ out of my head:

A prank caller has tricked workers at a Minnesota Burger King into smashing the windows of the restaurant to keep it from exploding […] Police said employees at the restaurant in the Minneapolis suburb of Coon Rapids got the call on Friday night from someone claiming to be with the fire department. The caller said the restaurant could explode, so they needed to relieve the pressure. The manager and other employees believed the caller and smashed all the windows on the ground floor. […]

A similar call to Burger King in Morro Bay, California, about a purported gas leak in early February resulted in $35,000 of damage. Not only did employees smash the windows, but a manager went as far as ramming his car into the building.