Throw more sandwiches at the TMZ-Bus!

08.04.2016 Misc #Cars #Crime

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This is the real life version of every 70s car chase-movie from „Cannonball“ to „Dirty Mary Crazy Larry“:


With Los Angeles police, sheriff’s deputies, and the California Highway Patrol behind them, they stopped traffic on Hollywood Boulevard — one of the busiest streets in L.A. — to do doughnuts. As news choppers followed the chase, the two suspects lowered the top on the blue Mustang and appeared to make gestures as the chase took social media by storm.

The suspects were at one point blocked by a TMZ tour bus, which takes tourists by celebrity-filled restaurants and homes. [Then they threw their Sandwich at the bus. And in the End, the Tourists even stopped taking selfies with the guys.]

I heard, they already got casted for a certain movie: