Strategies of Twitterbot-Poetry

Tolle Analyse von Twitterbots als Neue Poesie mit vielen Beispielen (von denen ich einige hier bereits gebloggt habe) und schöner Herausarbeitung der Unterschiede zu experimenteller Lyrik aus der Vergangenheit:

rather than retreating from conceptualism into expressive lyric poetry, Twitterbots move through conceptualism into a new space: a space where the meaningful and the empty co-exist, where the signal and the noise are the same thing, where intelligence is artificial but ethically sculpted, where high concept processes are used to tell bad jokes, where the digital is rooted in social and bodily experience. [Hervorhebung von mir]

Sidenote: Morgen eröffnet die DAB-Galerie in Berlin die Ausstellung „Code + Poetry“: „The exhibition `Code + Poetry´ refers to an aspect of coding, which has been mostly neglected [ed.: Haha! Not really.] so far - the relationship between the written program and its execution as an artwork on the screen.“