Die neueste Version eines Octobots aus Italien: Octopus-Inspired Robots Can Grasp, Crawl, and Swim:

The researchers built another octopus-inspired bot called ‘Poseidrone’ that tackled the more difficult challenge of swimming. A few different tactics were employed before engineers decided the best swimming mechanism was to give up control of Poseidrone’s arms altogether. The end result is a little kooky-looking (think a chicken flapping its wings underwater), but it gets the job done. […]

By utilizing this strategy, called embodied intelligence, the team created soft robots that could grasp objects, crawl along the seafloor, and even swim–with a lot less computing power than you might imagine.

Hatte neulich die Idee, dass mal jemand Slime-Molds mit Neural Networks kombinieren sollte, so wie hier, nur andersrum. AI-RealLife-Blob, anyone?