Jeff Mills has a new audiophile Sub-Label

jeff-millsJeff Mills hat eine neue LP am Start, hat sich eine Jazz-Techno-Band angeschafft und deren erster Release kommt auf seinem neuen Axis-Sublabel für High End-Vinyl:

Jeff Mills' Axis Records has outlined details for a new high-quality vinyl offshoot called Axis Audiophile Series. Releases on Axis Audiophile Series will be 'mastered for high-fidelity sounds', and put on 180-gram virgin vinyl at 32-bit/48kHz. Up first, and scheduled to arrive next month, is 'Kobe Session', a live recording of Mills' electronic-jazz fusion band Jino Ohno Mitchell Mills. The group consists of Kenji 'Jino' Hino on bass and vocals; Yumiko Ohno, of Buffalo Daughter, handling Moog synth; Underground Resistance's Gerald Mitchell on keyboard; and Mills himself on drum machine and percussion.