Partybaby have two Songs

22.03.2016 Misc Music
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„LA’s Partybaby [Facebook, Spotify, Tweeties, Soundcloud] have just two songs and one clear idea - to be the most fun, excitable band on the planet.“ And with these two Anthems they are right on track:

Can't wait for something new, they're just starting to tour and the first Album seems to be recorded… I'll keep you posted. From DIY-Mag:

Few groups start out by attempting to write pop hits for Christina Aguilera. But there isn’t an awful lot about PARTYBABY’s early existence that seems especially normal. Noah Gersh and Jamie Schefman were getting sick and tired of doing music. Gersh used to be a member of Portugal. The Man, while Schefman had spent life as a producer and engineer, most notably on 30 Seconds to Mars’ past two records. They built themselves a “nice but shit little studio” in Los Angeles, and set about rediscovering enthusiasm for their day jobs.