3D-Scanned Refugee-Crisis: Where Land Meets Sea, Lesvos Island

Neues von Scanlab aus England für Embassy for the Displaced: 3D-Scans der Küste von Lesbos und den Artefakten der Flüchtlingskrise. (via New Aesthetics)

Lesvos has become the unofficial 'gate' for refugees trying to cross into Fortress Europe over the past year. Lesvos is perhaps the largest 'island' on the archipelago of exception along the migrant corridor, along which physical and social space are set under constant negotiation. The rugged, mountainous landscape of the north is perforated by synthetic piles of survival, ones that challenge its legitimacy over the land. Curved is also the social terrain, with displaced people, locals and volunteers renegotiating social space in the island.
Lesvos island, where land meets sea.