All the Gangs from The Warriors


Andrew Todd hat sich das Script zu Walter Hills Action-Klassiker „The Warriors“ durchgelesen und festgestellt, dass es neben den 21 im Film genannten und gezeigten Gangs noch 64 weitere Banden genannt werden. Und für die hat er sich jetzt mehr oder weniger passende Storys und Hintergründe ausgedacht. Nice! Warriors FTW!

The original script actually features many more gangs, either involved in the story or listed at the film’s inciting meeting. These gangs either got cut before the shoot or were never intended to actually be seen, but their names invoke strange imagery in much the same way that the film’s colourful characters do.

  • The Amsterdam All-Stars: Dutch immigrants who came to America for the basketball culture, they wear exclusively Converse-branded clothing and settle rivalries with one-on-one basketball duels.
  • The Black Hands: Descendants of the various organisations that conspired in the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austro-Hungary. They’re still angry that the United States took so long to join the First World War, and take out their frustrations upon New York’s residents.
  • The Blackjacks: Wielding heavy koshes and wearing outdated law enforcement uniforms, the Blackjacks are former cops who have taken the problem of gang violence into their own hands, becoming a gang themselves in the process. 
  • The Big Trains: Made up primarily of wedding planners and dressmakers, the Big Trains wear extravagant wedding gowns with lengthy cathedral trains, stained with the blood and muck of hundreds of street fights.
  • The Charlemagnes: The most ambitious gang in New York, the Charlemagnes seek to reform the Holy Roman Empire, starting with the streets of the Big Apple. 
  • The Colt 45s: Not only do the 45s wield the classic Colt six-shooters, they also maintain a herd of young horses that they sell to racing titans once they come of age, keeping their number of owned horses at 45 at all times.
  • The Dealers: Known for their razor-lined visors and almost religious devotion to fairness, the Dealers are frequently engaged as arbiters of disputes between other gangs. 
  • The Delaney Rovers: An Irish gang so inspired by the United States’ moon landing that they built their own replica space suits and drive around in golf carts modded to look like the Lunar Rover.
  • The E Street Shufflers: A group of Bruce Springsteen impersonators who use weaponised guitars in gang brawls.

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Falls Ihr's verpasst hattet: Der Rolling Stone hatte zum Jubiläum letztes Jahr die alte Warriors-Gang zur Re-Union eingeladen:

Hier nochmal die 21 Original-Gangs aus dem Film von Wikipedia:

  • The Warriors - The titular gang who all wear leather vests. They are based in Coney Island.
  • The Gramercy Riffs - The most powerful gang in New York, their leader Cyrus calls the summit at the beginning of the movie. They are based in Gramercy Park.
  • The Rogues - The Villains of the film, they are based in Hell's Kitchen.
  • The Turnbull ACs - All bald and ride in a graffiti covered former school bus. They are based in Turnbull in the Bronx.
  • The Orphans - A very low level gang who were not even invited to the summit. They all wear brown dull colors. They are based in the Tremont neighborhood of the Bronx.
  • The Baseball Furies - They wear face paint and Yankees-style baseball uniform and carry baseball bats as weapons. They are based in Riverside, Manhattan.
  • The Lizzies - The only all female gang seen in the movie. They are based near Union Square.
  • The Punks - They all wear overalls and rugby shirts with their leader utilizing roller skates. They are based in The Bowery.
  • The Boppers - They are all African American, wear fedoras, black shirts and ties, purple vests, and khaki pants. They are based in Harlem.
  • The Hurricanes - They are all presumably Latino, and wear straw trilby hats. They are based in Spanish-Harlem.
  • The Hi-hats - A gang of mimes, all dressed in red shirts with striped sleeves, black pants and suspenders, and top hats. They are based in Soho.
  • The Electric Eliminators - The all wear satin yellow bomber jackets. They are also based in Soho.
  • The Saracens - They all wear black pants and tank tops. They are based in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.
  • The Jones Street Boys - They wear black and yellow vertical striped soccer jerseys. They are also based in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.
  • The Savage Huns - They dress as Chinese peasants. They are based in Chinatown.
  • The Satans Mothers - The only motorcycle gang featured in the movie. They are based in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.
  • The Boyle Avenue Runners - They all wear black tank tops with red trim. They are based in Queens.
  • The Moonrunners - They dress in runners outfits with pink tank tops and red shirts. They are based in Pelham, in the Bronx.
  • The Van Cortlandt Rangers or VC Rangers - They wear wide brimmed fedoras and black and white horizontal striped shirts. They are based in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx.
  • The Panzers - They all wear camo fatigue flight jackets. They are based in Washington Heights, Manhattan.
  • The Gladiators - They all wear black shirts. They are based in Canarsie, Brooklyn.