Shakespeare Sonnet Signatures


Nette Arbeit von Nicholas Rougeux, die 154 Sonette von Shakespeare quantifiziert, die gewonnenen Daten auf ’nem Graph abbilden und mit ’nem Script per Illustrator-Brush in unterschriftartige Symbole verwandeln: Sonnet Signatures – Shakespeare's sonnets visualized as signatures based on their letters. Ist mir insgesamt ein bisschen zu random, aber passt schon so als Fingerübung.


Each line of a sonnet was assigned a point with coordinates on a graph based on the number of letters used excluding punctuation (x axis) and the average value of the letters excluding punctuation (y axis). Average value was calculated using a simple formula (a=1 + b=2 + c=3 + …) then dividing by the number of letters in the line. All the points were then connected with a sweeping exaggerated stroke based on the order of the lines in the sonnet (1 to 2 to 3, etc). The result is a collection of unique shapes resembling signatures.

This technique could be applied to any text but works best with shorter snippets like sonnets or other poetry whereas longer text results in illegible scribbles.