Programming Language based on empty Folders


Daniel Temkin hat ein tolles Blog über esoterische Programmiersprachen (sowas wie Emojicode neulich oder ArnoldC mit Onelinern aus Schwarzenegger-Filmen und sowas). Vor einem Jahr hat er selbst auch ’ne Esosprache geschrieben, die auf der Struktur von Ordnern besteht. Awesome!

tumblr_inline_niucicPBBF1qaohdjI created Folders (the first language I made just for this blog) in asking the question "what is more immaterial than an empty file?” My answer was an empty folder. A file has a materiality in the desktop metaphor that a folder doesn’t. We think of a file as a thing; it can hold information or have behaviors. A folder’s value is in its role organizing files and other folders; a set of folders holding only each other, with no files inside, is ridiculous: an organizational structure organizing nothing.

The other nice thing about folders is that their structure is very much like the structure of procedural code as it’s parsed; it looks like an abstract syntax tree. In the Folders language, code is structured just this way, with each command a folder containing subfolders with their expressions or contained commands.