Emojicode 👌

„Emojicode is an open source, high-level, multi-paradigm, object-oriented programming language consisting of emojis.“ (via Motherboard)

🍫 & 🍳 Incrementing and Decrementing Variables

Variables containing numbers can be incremented by using 🍫 and decremented by using 🍳.

🍫 numberOfCats
🍳 watermelons

The above example will increment numberOfCats and decrement watermelons.


Emojicode has a type to represent Boolean values: 👌. A Boolean values can either be true or false. A true value is created using 👍 and a false value is created using 👎.

In the example below two variables are set to a boolean value.

🍮 emojicodeIsTheFunniestLanguage 👍
🍮 phpIsAsCool 👎