David O'Reillys Empty Canvas and The Outsource Show

Seit ein paar Wochen läuft bereits die Ausstellung „OUTSOURCE SHOW – Paintings by non-painter artists“ mit ein paar hübschen Artworks. Kurator Alexander Tarrant schickte ’nen Aufruf an 17 Non-Painting-Künstler, ihm Konzepte für Gemälde zu schicke und die ließ er dann als Auftragsarbeiten in China malen. Outsourcing halt. Am besten gefallen mir die Empty Canvas’ von Animationswunderkind David O'Reilly, sind aber auch sonst ein paar nette Artworks dabei:

You are invited to join an art show made up of writers, comedians, filmmakers, musicians, and other artists who don’t know how to paint. You come up with an idea for a painting, provide instructions and reference material, and I will have someone skillfully paint it for you.
Congratulations! You are now a fine art gallery artist.

Show curator Alexander Tarrant sent this prompt to 17 non-painter artists. He then traveled to Dafen Oil Painting Village in China, a place traditionally producing reproductions, forgeries, hotel art, and some originals, and scouted the best oil painters to execute the concepts of the show participants. A local translator was hired and a production pipeline put in place. The result is the OUTSOURCE SHOW.