Banksy outed (again) by geographic Profiling

troubleErinnert Ihr Euch an die Banksy-Story vor acht Jahren, als ein ehemaliger Mitbewohner Banksy outete? Ein Wissenschaftler hat jetzt ’ne kriminologische Technik („geographic profiling“) verfeinert und sich als Testlauf Banksys Identität vorgenommen – und prompt die olle Story von damals bestätigt. Sieht also so aus, als wäre Robin Gunningham tatsächlich Herr Banksy. (Sieht immer noch aus wie Harry Potter.) Hier die Studie: Tagging Banksy: using geographic profiling to investigate a modern art mystery, Posting der BBC, Snip von Gizmodo:

Steven Le Comber of Queen Mary University of London developed a sophisticated new system—and to prove its effectiveness, he used it to track the residence of Banksy. The updated method actually managed to tag a person strongly suspected to be Banksy, an individual named Robin Gunningham. For Banksy junkies, this comes as little surprise; Gunningham has been suspected of being Banksy since 2008.

To perform the analysis, Le Comber took all the locations in London and Bristol where Banksy’s art has appeared. The model then took the locations of these artworks and calculated the probability of Banksy’s residence across the study area. Among the top “hot spots” were addresses known to belong to Gunningham in both cities.