Movie-Classics rewritten to pass Bechdel-Test

McSweeneys: Scenes from iconic films hastily rewritten so that they pass the Bechdel Test. 💖
Here's Taxi Driver, Goldfinger and Scarface (all 3 of which originally don't pass it [1,2,3], because they a) don't have at least two [named] women in it, b) who talk to each other about c) something besides a man):

Taxi Driver

TRAVIS: Are you talkin’ to me?
JENNIFER: No, I’m talking to my friend Melinda. Hi, Melinda.
MELINDA: Hi, Jennifer.
JENNIFER: Did you see what happened in the stock market today?
MELINDA: I did. Big morning.
JENNIFER: OK, great chat. Bye, Jennifer. Bye, Travis.


BOND: The name is Bond. James Bond.
MONEYPENNY: Glad we cleared that up. My name is Moneypenny, and this is Pussy Galore.
PUSSY GALORE: Moneypenny, it’s so good to see you.
MONEYPENNY: You too, Pussy Galore.
PUSSY GALORE: Hey — do you think it would be possible if my name were something else… like, anything other than Pussy Galore?
MONEYPENNY: Nope, probably not. Good talking to you!


TONY: Say hello to my little friend.
MARY: Hi, I’m Tony’s friend, Mary.
LISA: I’m Lisa, I’m also Tony’s friend.
MARY: But, we’re not talking about Tony… we’re talking about… cocaine.
LISA: Yaaaaaay! Cocaine!