Ferris Bueller-Festival in Chicago

Sommer-Urlaub in Chicago, anyone? 'Ferris Fest,' marking 30th anniversary of 'Ferris Bueller,' set for May, hier die Website zum Blaumacher-Hoobaloo.


[The Ferris Fest] of many things Bueller is set for Lake Forest, Northbrook and Chicago and will take place over the weekend of May 20-22. It marks the 30th anniversary of the release of the film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. [… It] will include the opportunity to visit such attractions as a “detailed, fully-functional, interactive” re-creation of Bueller’s bedroom and a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder […]. There’s also a planned re-staging of the “Twist and Shout” parade float trip […]

There will be also bus tours re-tracing Bueller’s travels and offering a chance, the promoters tout, “to sit in the exact seats” he and his pals sat in at Wrigley Field […]. There will be a screening of the movie at the John and Nancy Hughes Theater in Lake Forest, and appearances by some of the film’s actors. Cindy Pickett and Lyman Ward, who played Ferris’ folks, are scheduled, and the promoters eagerly await word from Broderick and such other stars as Alan Ruck, Mia Sara, Jennifer Grey, Edie McClurg and Ben Stein.