FaceDetection-Software predicts Market Performance from CEO-Hackfressen

BN-MP098_EMOTIE_G_20160212200808Ein Finanzkasper hat mit ’ner Gesichtserkennung und Emotions-Analyse-Software die Gesichter von Chief Executive Olafs analysiert und über die vom Algorithmus erkannten Emotionen Patterns in der Aktien-Performance der Unternehmen festgestellt. Robot-Journalism is so 2012.

The software built by Dr. Cicon and his colleagues scanned videos of more than 200 CEOs and former CEOs of companies[…] The videos included media interviews and footage shot during quarterly earnings calls.

Although fear, anger, and disgust are negative emotions, Dr. Cicon found they correlated positively with financial performance. CEOs whose faces during a media interview showed disgust–as evidenced by lowered eyebrows and eyes, and a closed, pursed mouth–were associated with a 9.3% boost in overall profits in the following quarter. CEOs who expressed fear–raised eyebrows, widened eyes and mouth, and lips pulled in at the corners–saw their companies’ stock rise .4% in the following week.

WSJ: Software Detects CEO Emotions, Predicts Financial Performance