Vampire Breast Lift at the Oscars 2016

vampirenipplesDie Macher des Vampire Facelifts (vor drei Jahren von einer blutverschmierten Kim Kardashian bekannt ge-testimonialt) haben ihr Produkt ausgeweitet und bieten nun auch mit Eigenblut aufgepumpte Brüste und Vampire Nipple Lifts an. Die Eigenbluttittentherapie gibt's übrigens in der Goodie-Bag für die diesjährigen Oscar-Nominierten:

Each year the goody bag given to A-listers at the Oscars creates almost as much buzz as the awards themselves, and with a trip to Israel and a so-called Vampire Breast Lift part of this year’s spoils 2016 hasn’t disappointed. But what exactly is a gory-sounding Vampire Breast Lift? Only offered to female nominees, the procedure is a type of breast augmentation that involves injecting the patient’s blood into their cleavage.

First, a cosmetologist will remove blood from a patient’s arm. Using a centrifuge, the platelets in the blood are separated and sometimes mixed with fillers and injected back into the skin. Taking around 15-minutes to administer, the process is supposed to make the top of the breasts appear rounder.

It is also said to lift breasts, fix inverted nipples, and increase breast and nipple sensitivity.

In other news: Beautiful people still pretty sick.