Photographing Deviant Behavior

Tolles Fotoprojekt von Esther Hovers: In False Positives lichtet sie „verdächtiges Verhalten“ auf öffentlichen Plätzen ab, so wie diese von Smart Cams und AI-gestützten Bevavioral Recognition Systems eingeordnet werden. Wer sich zum Beispiel genau an die Ecke einer Straße stellt, wird von den Cams/BRSystemen erfasst und gefilmt. Oder eben von Esther Hovers für ein bisschen Überwachungs-Kunst fotografiert.


Intelligent video cameras analyze surveillance video in real time. The image recognition software works through cameras often installed in public places like transit stations and airports, where they “learn” normal activity patterns so they can discern anything out of the ordinary and alert authorities. […]

Video surveillance fascinates Hovers. In January 2015, she interviewed security experts in the Netherlands about smart cameras. They identified eight common behavioral red flags: loitering too long, moving too fast, standing on a corner, looking over your shoulder, going against the flow of foot traffic, abandoning something, clusters of people suddenly breaking apart and synchronized movements between people.

Over the next five months, Hovers photographed pedestrians doing exactly these things in the Brussels business district.