Infinite families of monohedral pizza-tilings


Wissenschaftler haben endlich die geometrischen Formen berechnet, in denen man aus einer Pizza unendlich viele deckungsgleiche Stücke rausschneiden kann. Also, theoretisch jetzt. Das Bild oben stammt aus der Selbstversuch-Margherita von Mathematiker Joel Haddley.

Haddley and Worsley […] discovered a way to slice curvy pieces with nearly an infinite number of sides (as long as it's an odd number of sides) and then further divide those slices in half.

For a slightly flashier way to divide the disk, the researchers then gave each slice more complex shapes by creating wedges in the sides, still producing monohedral tilings that fit together into a circle. It's unclear how someone might actually perform this work of complex pizza art in real life, but one could imagine it requires lots of patience, precise tools, and of course, pizzas. Researchers try mathematical recipe for slicing pizza
Paper: Infinite families of monohedral disk tilings