Gene Roddenberrys Floppy-Discs recovered

Die Firma DataSavers hat die Daten auf ollen Floppy-Discs von Gene Roddenberry gerettet (den Inhalt haben sie bislang nicht veröffentlicht). Der Star Trek-Erfinder hatte seine eigenen Rechner gebaut und auf ihnen selbstprogrammierte Betriebssysteme und Software am laufen. Whoa!


Roddenberry used the disks to store his work and "to capture story ideas, write scripts and [take] notes." […] Although the Star Trek creator originally typed his scripts on typewriters, he later moved his writing to two custom-built computers with custom-made operating systems before purchasing more mainstream computers in advance of his death in 1991. The floppy disks were used with the custom computers, but unfortunately one of those computers had been auctioned off and the other one was no longer operational. Roddenberry’s estate sent the floppies to DriveSavers, which spent three months writing software that could read the disks in the absence of any documentation or manuals for the custom-built OS.