The Edge Question 2016: The most interesting recent Science-News

04.01.2016 Misc Science
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The Edge fragt jedes Jahr rund 200 Schlaumeier irgendwas ziemlich interessantes. Dieses Jahr: What do you consider the most interesting recent [scientific] news? What makes it important?

Ein paar der Antworten, die ich bislang gelesen hab: Steven Pinker (Human Progress Quantified), Chis Anderson (The Breathtaking Future Of A Connected World, „This is a social experiment without historical precedent“), Max Tegmark (The Wisdom Race Is Heating Up), Thalia Wheatley (The [Much Anticipated] Dawn Of Understanding), Frank Wilczek (The News Is Not The News) und haufenweise weitere, hochinteressante Gedanken hier.

And then there's this: Jaeweon Cho (Feces Standard Money [FSM])

Imagine a scientific method of making odorless powders from our feces, and replacing money with that powder as an alternative to our current system—i.e., “feces standard money (FSM).”

Every morning we can put our powder into reactors located in our village to supply food for the microorganisms that can produce various energies such as methane and biodiesel. We can receive a certain amount of FSM in exchange for the powdered feces, and use the FSM to obtain any equivalent value within a system. Feces, like gold, is limited and precious; nobody can make more than a certain limit, and it can be converted to energy.

Furthermore, everyone can make feces every day. Whenever we produce and use FSM, it will remind us of our being and existence from the bottom line connection between the FSM and the human being. Thus, FSM has meanings from perspectives of economy and minds of the human being.