Flying over Chinas artificial Islands

Rupert Wingfield-Hayes ist für die BBC in einer Cessna über die künstlichen Wirtschaftskrieg-Inseln im südchinesischem Meer geflogen:

"That's Gaven Reef!" I shouted to Jiro over the din of the engine. "Remember we sailed past it last year. They'd just started construction then." No sooner were the words out of my mouth than a loud and aggressive voice came over the radio. "Unidentified military aircraft in west of Nanxun Reef, this is the Chinese Navy. You are threatening the security of our station! In order to prevent miscalculation leave this area immediately!" The pilots of our far-from-military Cessna banked away to the west. But the warnings continued, over and over, in Chinese and in English, getting louder and more agitated.

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