The Universe is not a Hologram

Wissenschaftler haben die Theorie getestet, laut der das Universum eine holographische Projektion sei. Stellt sich heraus: Alles Eso-Mumpitz. Man kann sich also ganz entspannt zurücklehnen, the Shitshow is real.

beam-splitter-stations-12-0031-03D.hr_-1024x682The experiment at Fermilab was the first of its kind to measure the paranoia-inducing-theory that our actions are a projection from a 2-D sphere surrounding our entire universe. The researchers hypothesized that our universe is made up of tiny packets of data many times smaller than an atom, or “pixels.” They suggested that the existence of these pixels should create a limit of precision in our world, just as the number of pixels on a computer screen limits its level of detail. The theory also holds that there should be “quantum jitter” among theses particles that a specialized instrument could detect.

To test their theory, the researchers used a device called a laser interferometer, which splits a laser beam and sends it down two 40-meter-long tunnels to reflect off a mirror and back again. This allows them to measure the distance the beam has traveled, and if their theory was correct, there should be small discrepancies detected in the distances between mirrors.

Ultimately, the experiment turned up nothing of the sort. The laser beams stayed right where they were supposed to.