Beauty Water is wetter than Water

Aaahh, nichts geht über eine anständige Portion bullshitty Beautyprodukt-Esoterik. Heute: Sakara Beauty Water, insgesamt 2 Liter für nur 24 Dollar (4x 16oz). Gibt's da schon Sponsored-Postings auf führenden Lifestyle-Blogs zu? Würde ich gerne lesen – echt jetz! –, ich hab ein Faible für Bullshit.


Designed to be enjoyed first thing in the morning, Sakara Beauty Water is an absolute morning treat for body + spirit. The highest quality spring water kissed with pure rose oil and beautifying trace minerals, including silica. Derived from rose hips, rose oil can help boost metabolism and sooth the insides (it’s both anti-inflammatory and soothing to the nervous and endocrine systems).

Und es ist nasser als Wasser:

It's $24 for 4 of them. What could make water cost that much other than a unicorn's tears? I asked DuBoise and Tingle exactly why this water is so special. Apparently, it has trace minerals, rose oil, and silica, which "makes your water wetter so your cells actually uptake more water," as DuBoise informed me, something I'm still trying to comprehend. Rose oil, she said, helps people de-stress.