Beijings Red Alert-Smog shopped into Stephen Kings The Mist

In Peking haben sie heute zum ersten mal einen „Red Alert“ aufgrund von Smog ausgerufen.

The warning means schools will have to close down and construction and other industry in the capital will be limited. Smog levels are actually lowe than they have been in recent weeks. But authorities expect an extreme amount of pollution over the coming days, and have imposed the order to ensure safety during that time. The order will last from Tuesday morning local time until midday on Thursday, when the weather is expected to change and blow away the smog.

Der Guardian hat Smog/Non-Smog-Pics aus Beijing, hier sowas ähnliches von jemandem vor Ort:

Und das Internet shoppt derweil Stephen Kings Nebelviecher aus der (großartigen) Verfilmung Der Nebel in die chinesische Hauptstadt: