210 Days Rollercoaster Tycoon-Ride

07.12.2015 Games Misc #Weird

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Jemand hat eine RollercoasterTycoon-Achterbahn gebaut, die 210 RealLife-Tage für eine Runde braucht, in RollercoasterTycoon-Zeit braucht die Bahn nur 3000 Jahre. Das Tumblr Thathomestar hat das Teil aus einem 8Chan-Thread für die Nachwelt erhalten:


You may remember from a few threads ago I made a vintage cars that used all the object data on the largest map possible - “The Wheel Of Life And Death” [hier auf Youtube]. The slowest ride with the longest possible track. at the time time i though this was the slowest you could go but I found a way to go slower: When a roller coaster travels along a track of constant height its speed exponentially decays towards zero but never stops.

With this in mind I build a spiral track on the biggest map. The train comes out of the station and hits breaks with slow it down to 4mph. then it travels along the track, always losing speed but never stopping, until it gets to the center. where it rolls back and does the spiral again until it gets back to the station. Calculations show that it would take 210 days to finish. not in game days. real life days. Kairos - the slow. Just for comparison. Mr. Bones takes about - 70 minutes to complete. Wheel of life - 60 hours (3600 minutes) and Kairos - 210 days (303383 minutes).