Why we blame

Wissenschaftler haben herausgefunden, warum wir lieber mit dem Finger auf die Fehler anderer zeigen, als gute Sachen zu feiern. Short Story: Fingerpointing ist emo (easy), Lob ist logisch (hard). Erklärt einiges. Paper: Two Distinct Moral Mechanisms for Ascribing and Denying Intentionality.

Psychologists have long concluded that people tend to judge others more harshly for their negative actions—assigning fault and blame more often than praise or accolades. Now we know why. New research shows the human brain is wired to react more emotionally to the bad things people do. That’s why we tend to assign blame much faster than we give compliments.

It turns out that the labels of blame and praise are processed in different parts of the brain, by different mechanisms. While blame is assigned from a very emotional place, praise comes from a more logical spot.