Offshore-Steuerflucht für Dummies

Tolles Ding der BBC: Für eine 2016 kommende Doku kopieren sämtliche Kaufleute eines Kaffs in Wales die Steuerflucht-Tricks von Apple, Amazon und Facebook. Demokratisierung von Bankster-Neoliberalismus, das Motto der Aktion: „Entweder zahlen alle Steuern oder keiner von uns“. Toll!

“The whole point of it really it to highlight unfairness and get some kind of level playing field,” says Emma Cawfield-Walters, the owner of Book-ish Bookshop. “It’s a threat more than anything else, a threat that we hope not to have to follow through on. Why does it have to be one rule for me and my little bookshop, and another rule for Amazon who are my main competitor?”

The Crickhowell revolution is already showing signs of spreading. Other towns across the UK have expressed an interesting in creating their own copycat tax avoidance schemes after Ms Cawfield-Walters gained the support of Totally Locally, which campaigns for local investment and counts just under 100 towns as members.

Independent: Crickhowell: 'Offshore' Welsh town unites in its anger at Britain's corporate tax avoiders, Kritik an der Aktion: Jeremy Corbyn's economics guru condemns 'irresponsible' tax rebellion by 'offshore' Welsh town
Übersetzungsservice von Ein ganzes Dorf auf Steuerflucht (via Chris)