12 Silent Men

Großartig! Drama-Klassiker 12 Angry Men als Stummfilm von Filmscalpel.

In this chatty feature film, a silent short is hiding. We isolated the shots in which no character is talking: the quiet lulls in the stormy debate and the wordless reaction shots. We fashioned these silent shots into a six minute montage, adding only music and non-verbal sounds from the film. No dialogue. (Well, almost none. You’ll hear).
Is the story arc still comprehensible? Can you still sense the tension and the power struggles between the twelve jurors? Judge for yourself.

Bonustrack: Falls ihr's noch nicht kennt, Amy Schumers grandiose Parodie: 12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer (der YT-Upload scheint gezoomt, wahrscheinlich um die Copyright-Detection zu umgehen.)